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Dear Frustrated teacher

Are you also in search of wisdom about the new curriculum?  Do you want to learn about the new curriculum?  Well, you have come to the right place.  Here you can learn about it, play around with it, and then use it.

This page will try to explain the new curriculum(NC) through poetry and play.  All you need is the 1998 version of the new curriculum and you can get going.

Before embarking on a fun ride with the NC, I would like to  share a few commandments with you.

To all those that can't stand the standards and don't dig the domains.
Here are the ten commandments for anyone attempting to join the ranks of the reformed:

1...We believe in STANDARDS not skills
   Those are long lost thrills

2...We have to use English to be SOCIAL
   so  keep the  INTERACTION local

3...We get INFORMATION through more ways than faxes
   so its the internet we need to ACCESS

4...Who APPRECIATES cable
   Only those that are able

5...The LITERATURE vulture
   uses LANGUAGE  to understand CULTURE

6...How can we judge appreciation
   If not through PRESENTATION

7...It's a violation  to live in ISOLATION
   And outdated if you don't keep them INTERRELATED

8...Don't forget the PRINCIPLES, brother    
   for they have 5 areas to cover

9...Hey teachers, what are you doing ?
   Stop marking on benches and start BENCHMARKing

10...The PROCESS OF ASSESSMENT is now viewed
    as an integral part of our teaching
    so read numbers 1-10
    And I'll stop preaching

I hope you enjoyed reading my "commandments".  If you take the changes with a smile on your face, you can face anything.  You are invited to go to the activity at the bottom of the page and play around with the concepts and terms of the new curriculum.  The best way to learn is to do it the fun way.

You are invited  to send comments on the activity and commmandments mentioned here.

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