oracle2 Mr. McGee
Lake Highlands High School/ Freshman Center Latin Teacher
salve discipule! I hope this page will be useful to you. You must learn a lot of vocabulary in any foreign language. Nothing can take the place of memorization. However games can help you memorize the information you need. Use these games to help you with memorizing. Don't just come and do the ones for your current stage, also go back to previous stages in order to review. If you do this often enough Latin 2 will be easier for you.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Stage 28 Vocabulary
Stage 28 Test Voacbulary
1st and 2nd person pronouns
I and you pronouns in Latin
3rd Person pronouns
He, she, it and they pronouns
Latin 2 Final Exam Vocabulary Review
Here it is use it!!!!!!!
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