ottensideas Mrs. Otten
Olentangy High School Intervention Specialist
Otten's Ideas

Hello! Welcome back!  If you are reading this, then I am your Intervention Specialist at Olentangy High School.  This means that I am your case manager and will assist you with any academic assignments.  I will also be your support with any other problems. It is my hope that you will feel like you can trust me and allow me to help you.  I do have certain responsibilities to both you and your family.  It is my job to have an understanding of your abilities and limitations.  This means that I will be communicating with your teachers in an attempt to gain their understanding of you, your learning style, your abilities, your difficulties, and overall, how you are functioning in their classroom.
This means that they may communicate to me any missing assignments or lack of effort on your part.  I will share these communications with you.  At times, you may feel like I know too much about your daily life at school.  This may upset you.  Please feel like you can express your feelings and thoughts to me, because I will be expressing mine to you.  I want us to develop good communication with each other. I'd like for you to tell me what you expect out of me, as your tutor.  The following is a list of my expectations of you:

1.  Stay awake in my classroom.
2.  Tell the truth!
3.  Use your agenda book and write down all assignments.
4.  Be willing to discuss your assignments with me.
5.  Allow me to help you with academics (or other     concerns)-tell me when you need help!
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