Clinical Nursing 3025--OKC--2003
University of Oklahoma Clinical Instructor, Coordinator Professional Practice Lab
WELCOME TO CLINICAL 3025! Professional Practice Lab
Scroll down to the bottom and play games to practice medical terminology and dosage calculation. I highly recommend playing the Medical Terminology games before Clinical begins.
Refer to your book list for actual titles to the below books (the book list is in your course packet).

Everything we do in nursing should be evidenced-based which basically means we should base our interventions on sound research. Scroll down to the bottom to access the information for the Bird Library.
*Click here for PPL Statement--print, sign and bring as your ticket to lab first week of school
Reading assignments for Clinical 3025 Professional Practice Laboratory:all required readings and quizzes must be completed prior to lab attendance each week:
Week 1--Safety
Required Readings: Smith et al. Chapter 12 & 14 also pp. 136-158
Supplemental: Harkreader pp. 464-475, 769-770, 775-777, 783-793.
Safe Handling of Patients & Movement--Scroll down to the last line under Quia Activities.
This one is due on August 30 (Wednesday) at 8:00 a.m.
QUIZ ANSWERS AND FEEDBACK WILL POST ON FRIDAYS--go to your student account to do this.
*********************************************************** Week 2--Vital Signs/FSBS
Required Readings: Smith et al., Chapter 10, also pp. 645-649
Supplemental: Harkreader, Chapter 7
This quiz is due August 30 (Wednesday) at 8:00 a.m.
*********************************************************** Week 3--Personal Care/ADL's
Required Readings: Smith et al., Chapter 8 & 9
Supplemental: Harkreader Chapter 30
This quiz is due September 6 (Wednesday) at 0800
*********************************************************** Week 4--Sterile Technique and Documentation
Required Readings: Smith et al.,Chapter 3 also pp. 819-825.
Supplemental: Harkreader Chapter 11, pp. 474-485
*Click here for JCAHO Abbreviation Guidelines for Documentation and Dosages
*********************************************************** Week 5--O2 Admin.; Feeding;Oropharyngeal Suctioning
Required Readings: Smith et al., 870-896, 904-905, 909, 575-598, 604-613, 618-623
Supplemental reading: Harkreader, pp. 871-876
Please note while you are reading that you will not be going past the oropharynx this semester
*********************************************************** Week 6--Oral/Topical/Intradermal Meds
Required Readings: Smith et al., pp. 515-546, 548-554, 570-571. Curren, chapter 6,7,13,14,20 & Appendix A. Supplemental reading: Harkreader, pp. 415-421, 423-424, 433-434, 438-444.
Remember to bring a hotdog weiner to class this week:)
*********************************************************** Week 7--Mid Term Lab Practicum
*Click here for Guidelines for Instructions for Practicum Testing

*Click here for Mid-Term Critical Elements for Practicum Testing
*********************************************************** Week 8--Parenteral (SQ & IM) Meds
Required Readings: Smith et al., pp. 555-571. Harkreader pp. 422, 424-431. Curren, Chapters 7,8,9,10,13,14 & 20.
Remember QUIZ is Due Wednesday, October 11 at 8:00 a.m.!!!
*********************************************************** Week 9--Care of the Client with an IV
NOTE: SEE activities below for practice on IV dosage calc before taking the quiz
Required Readings: Curren, Chapter 9,15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21.Smith et al., pp. 993-1001, box on 1004 (tubing changes), page 1005 steps 15-21 as well as pictures on that page for dressing an IV, box on 1007(evaluation criteria), 1008-1032.
Supplemental reading: Harkreader pp. 431-438
*********************************************************** Week 10 OSNA Convention--No Clinicals or Skills Lab--All students are expected to attend a minimum of one day. If unable to attend the OSNA Convention, the students will complete a paper as outlined in the Clinical I Course Packet.
*********************************************************** Week 11--Bowel & Bladder Care; Specimen Collection
Required Readings: Smith, et al. pp. 546-548, 624-639, 650-659, 698-711, 722-737, 755-774
Supplemental readings: Harkreader, pp. 700-703, 710-712, 669-685, 446-447.
*********************************************************** Week 12--Dressings & Wound Care; Suture and Staple Removal
Required Readings: Smith et al.,pp. 811-818, 827-835, 845-846
Supplemental readings: Harkreader, pp. 628-636, 640
*********************************************************** Week 13--Sickness/Injury Care
As assigned in lab week 12
Click here for Sickness/Injury Presentation Grading Scale *********************************************************** Week 14--Thanksgiving Holiday *********************************************************** Week 15--Comprehensive Lab Practice
Review all Assigned lab readings.
*********************************************************** Week 16--Comprehensive Lab Practicum
*Click here for Comprehensive Critical Elements--see midterm area for "Guidelines for Clinical Skills Practicum Testing"
*********************************************************** Site developed and maintained: Darlene Barnard-York,RN,MS
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My Quia activities and quizzes
Abbreviations used in Nursing Documentation
Practice your knowledge of the weird, yet wonderful world of nursing documentation!
Practice your knowledge of equivalencies among the household, apothecary and metric system
Measurement definitions
Practice your knowledge of measurement definitions
Dosage Calculations
Practice your dosage calculations--these are the ones from lab. Gosh--they look very similar to some test questions???
Metric system conversions
Practice your metric conversions for the test
Conversions among household system, metric system, apothecary system
Practice these too for the test
IV Dosage Calculations
Practice your IV dosage calc!!!
Quiz 8--IV Administration (newest update '02): session okcvenous03
Quiz 5--O2 Administration, Feeding, Oropharyngeal Suctioning -(newest update '02): session okcoxygen03
Quiz 4--Personal Care: session okcpc03
Quiz 1--Safety: session okcsafety03
Quiz 6--ID and oral/topical meds: session okcouch03
Quiz 7--SQ and IM Shots: session okcshots03
Quiz 12--Dsg, wound care, suture & staple removal: session okcwound03
Quiz 3--Vital Signs and FSBS: session okcvs03
Quiz 2: Sterile Technique/Documentation: session okcsterile03
Quiz 11--Bowel, bladder & specimen collection--newest update '02: session okcbladder03
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