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Welcome to Earth

April 3
Activity: Introduction to the Inner Planets
Assignment: Jumbled Words Page

April 4
Activity:  Introduction to the Outer Planets
Assignment: Word Search Page

April 5
Activity:  Webquest on Planets
Assignment:  Work on Webquest Worksheet

April 6
Activity:  Webquest on Planets
Assignement: Finish Webquest Worksheet

April 7
*Webquest Worksheet due today
Activity: On-line Quiz and Games
Assignment: Prepare for Oral Presentations

April 10
Activity: Oral Presentations
Assignement: None

April 11
Activity:  Oral Presentations
Assignement: None
My Quia activities and quizzes
Our 9 Planets
Monday's Assignment
Our 9 Planets
Tuesday's Assignment
Our 9 Planets
Review Assignment due by Friday
Useful links
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