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  MAT - Early Childhood Student
Welcome to Our Family
I do not have a class of my own yet, as I am currently a Master's student in Early Childhood Education at the University of Charleston.  This is my first semester in the program, and I should student teach in the spring of 2002 and have a class of my own in the Fall of 2002.  

I am a 1999 graduate of Furman University which resides at the foot of the mountains in Greenville, SC. Our mascot is a Paladin which is a knighted horse.  

I am current doing a practicum at Flowertown Elementary School in Summerville, SC. (Dorchester District #2). I am working in KC - Mrs. McTeer's Kindergarten class. We have been talking about our families, body parts, and pets, and this week we are getting ready to talk about fire safety.

You may be wondering why I titled my web page "My Family." I did this because when I have my own classroom, I want my students to feel like we are a family all working together to learn.

I hope that you enjoy the activities and quizzes that I created for a unit on Computers.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Computer Basics
Computer Term Hangman
The Computer Challenge
Computer Matching
Upgrade of Java Quiz: Computer Stuff Basics: session computer basics
Upgrade of Java Quiz: Computer Stuff Basics
Computer Stuff Basics
Useful links
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