outstandingpoetry Ms. Schoenbaechler
Lockhart Junior HIgh School Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher
Outstanding Poetry

          by Louie Montes

    Bodies twisting turning, churning for
    applause. Thinking as they go along.
    They never make a pause.

    Windmill, robot, and cone poses.
    Some are like wild animals.
    Legs flying, bodies rising.
    Flips and turns.
    They can feel the burn.
    Dizziness, light headedness.
    Sore wrist, sore arms.

    That Was Then, This Is Now
         by Rachel Hughey

When we were young we used to think money grew on trees
and families always came in threes.
We learned that summer is followed by fall
and Daddies are always strong and tall.
Fourth of July mothers pack picnics for the park
and I still ownder 'till this day why I feared the dark.
Always thinking life is for play
And enjoying it all the way.
We'd skip school, thinking it's cool.
And after winters came springs.
Women showing off their wedding rings.
Out of cocoons came life, beautiful butterflies
but everything eventually dies.
Then we woke up to reality
to face all its technicality.
We learned that daddies don't always come out as the heros.
Sometimes they are the biggest zeros.
I know now why the dark was feared.
There is no hope or light, just a tunnel of fright.
And instead of easy living,
we were hard work given.
Life's lessons taught by Mother Goose,
we finally had a chance to put to use.

         by Ashley Prickett

This one's for you,
    my one and only angel.
This love's for you,
    my one and only angel.

I could fly upon
    your wings forever.
I'll never fail you.
    You'll hold me up.

Your smile
    is what's kept me going.
Your eyes are like
    the deep blue sea
    wild, untamed, and flowing forever free.

In your sea of love,
    I'm drowning.

But this seas is what saved me
    for before I found you,
    I was lost.
Before I saw you,
    I was blind.
Before you helped me up,
    I was down.

So this one's for you,
    my one and only angel.
This love's for you,
    my one and only angel.
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