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The  Owen Fan Club

Owen Is a  friend of mine and Kathleen's people tell me he likes me so as a joke kathleen and i decided to make a club and here is the offical  club  webpage.

Owen is a 7th grader, he played goalie for the soccer team, i don't remember his position for basket ball but he was #52. He couldnt keep his balance he crashed into a lot of walls. One time when he went to get a rebound and he got the ball and shot it into the other basket and they lost. He is really smart hes in all hornors. He takes french. He is in band and jazz band. He likes the Red socks and his favorite player is Nomar Garicapera. His best friend is terry.He has like dark hair and like brown eyes. Hes not that  popular but he has a good deal of friends. He's really nice but  hes kinda scared to talk to me. Some people think hes gay but I wont say anything because kathleen and i are 2 nice.

Well I will update this sooner with more stuff on owen. To join email me.

So far we have these people

Jessica S(ME the Pres)
Kathleen Q(The other Pres)
Kim E
Tim K
Sean M
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