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Welcome to Coach Owens' physics website!  This contains information for the second six weeks of the 2000-2001 school year.

Subjects covered:  
(This means that there will be two (2) tests and two (2)homework/daily work packets)  

The project for this six weeks is the BRIDGE BUILDING project,and is due on OCTOBER 26! The cost is $3.50 for each group.  You may have one (1) partner.  Remember this is 10% of your grade.  If you choose not to do this, make sure to do one of the alternate assignments listed in your syllabus.  

These are the requirements for the project are as follows:
1.  Build a balsa wood bridge to span a 30 cm gap between two boards.
2.  Use no more than 10yds. of 3/32"-square balsa wood and 1 oz of wood glue purchased from your instructor.  
3.  The base of the bridge must be more than 30 cm long and between 4 cm and 20 cm wide.
4.  The bridge must rest horizontally on the support boards.  It may not press out against the sides of the boards.
5.  The loading area must be flat and able to support a round metal plate used for loading puposes. The metal plate has a diameter of 2 inches.
6.  The loading area must be at or above the level of the boards.
7.  Provide space for a cable loop to extend from the metal support plate, throught the bridge, to a bucket below used to hold the testing weights.
8.  Weights will be added to the bucket in 1/2 kg increments until the bridge breaks.
9.  Bridges will be weighed on the day of the competition to ensure that the prescribed amount of materials has not been exceeded.
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