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Assignments for the week of 2/9-2/13:
This week: We will continue to work on our Henrico Primary Projects.  Remember to complete a candidate comparison chart for each of the 6 Democratic Presidential Candidates.  Use the websites provided in the Henrico Primary folder on virtualshare to do your research.  Also, look in this past Sunday Times Dispatch in section "C" for a candidate comparison.  This is a TEST GRADE and is due at the end of class on Wednesday!!!  We will vote on Wednesday and announce the results over the PA on Thursday or Friday.  You can cast your vote from the link below.

We will discuss federalism a little more and take a quiz on Friday.

We will also begin tracking bills that the General Assembly are voting on right now.  That project will be due at the end of the General Assembly session in about a month.  You can also find that project folder in virtualshare (General Assembly 2004).
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