pacssixth Ms. Sabine
Perth Amboy Catholic Middle School  
Dear 6-2 Students and Parents,

This web page will provide you with information about assignments and activities that affect the sixth grade.  This page provides links to games and activities that are based on current studies.  Parents, please encourage your child to use those games and activities as additional study tools.

I am looking forward to meeting you at Back to School Night. I will be happy to answer all questions and concerns.

Here's to a great year!!!!
Sept. 10, 2001
Spelling-incorrect words 5 times each
          sentence for each word
Math-Finish definitions
Lang Arts-Create "Challenge Web" for story
Religion-Finish "hand" goals
Sept. 12
Spelling-Unit 1 Test
Math-Quiz on Geometry terms Bring compass and protractor
Lang Arts-Finish essay on self
Donut Day has been changed to Friday instead of Thursday

Remember back to school night on Thursday
Carnival this weekend

My Quia activities and quizzes
Lesson 17
Prepare for Spelling Test
Unit 17
Prepare for Spelling Test
Multiplication Tables
Practice Multiplication Tables
Unit 18
Lesson 18
Spelling Unit 1
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