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At main menu highlight memory card and press right to access a hidden option,codes. Press xand inputany of the following codes. Race as bink put bink race as dominique put dominique to race as geep put geep race as lug nut put luggnutrace as nyub put nyub race as red car put redline race as blue car blueline race as white car white line race as tp tp access all aliens astromen access all exhibition tracks vouyeur

Red - Red car
Blue - Blue car
White - White car


Things you can get by codes or beating the game:

TP - Biker (win the game with the biker or enter TP in the codes screen.)

lugnut - Skateborder (Enter lugnut or beat the game with a skateboarder.)

dominique - roller blader (enter dominique or beat the game with a roller blader.)

Shortcuts on Aztec island 1 and 2:
After the 2nd tunnel keep going straight, then you'll see a window to go through.

Halfpipe jump on Seacliff 1, 2 and 3:
After the big road jump go through 3 turns then keep going straight before going in the tunnel then you'll fling in the air.

Madden 2000

Refisblind - The Referee makes bad calls


These are for madden 2k...Put in where it says codes

Hackcheese - 76' Patriots
Gammalight - 76' Raiders
Buildmonkeys - 81' Chargers
15moremin - 81' Patriots
Minime - David vs. Goliath
Cowboys - Marshalls (Team is dressed like Cowboys...western clothes)
Wildwest - Old west stadium (Looks like a old western town)
Painful - More injurys
Mojobaby - All 60's team

NFL Extreme 2

Aircraft Carrier Field
Enter "AIRCRAFT CARRIER" as a name at the player creation screen.then, select the "Quick start" option to start a new game.

Egyptian Field
Enter "EGYPT SPHINX" as a name at the player creation screen.then, select the "Quick start" option to start a new game.

Pool Table field-Type in POOL TABLE at the create a player screen.

Here are some more...

Small players-TINY TOM
Big players-BIG BEN

WWF Warzone

Using either Kane or Undertaker stand close to your opponent and press:

d,d,tri - Choke Slam

u,u,tri - Choker

d- down
tri - triangle
u - up

To knock the trainer out of the ring in training mode go in training go to trainer on turnbuckle while he's sturdy and facing the outside of the ring punch him and he will fall outside of the ring.NOTE: Every time you do this the trainer will go back to the center of the ring and will climb up again but it's a good joke.

any finishing moves must be attempted when opponents health bar is red.
stone cold steve austin-stone cold stunner f,f,u,tu+blk
the rock-rock bottom- f,f,u,p+tu
mankind-mandible claw- b,f,u,tu
triple-h f,d,b,p+tu

Before giving any big tie up move like a powerbomb or piledriver make sure u give a few good holds basically on the head before giving a big move or something other wise hell reverse. another cheatic if ure in a reversable hold then keep on pressing block vigerously then hell reverse and if ure about to given a slam move,like maybe a samoan drop the justhold down block and hell reverse then (note: u must be very quik )

You Opponent's health bar must be red before attempting these moves!!

Stone Cold Stunner: R,R,U,tieup+block
                    (at close range)
Or R,R,tieup while in tieup

Rock Bottom: R,R,U,P+tieup(at close range)
Bret and Owens sharpshooter
   L,L,U,K+block(at feet of fallen opponent)
Kane and undertaker's tombstone
   D,D,D,P+tieup(at close range)
OR  D,U,tieup(while i tieup)

Triple h's pedigree
   F,D,B,P+tieup(at close range)

Shawn Michaels sweet chin music
   R,D,U,K+block(at close range)

British Bulldogs Running powerslam
   U,D,tieup(at close range)

Ahmed Johnson's Pearl river plunge
   R,L,U,K+block(at close range)

Beat Challenge with ANY CREATED PLAYER with 30 attribute points are more, and you will get the Rattlesnake. It is under the Custom Player on the selection screen.

To get attribute points for Created Players, win Challenge(6 points) Tag Team(3 points) Versus, Weapons, and Cage( all 2 points each). You can only earn the points once for each created player for a total of 40 Attribute points.

To get an easy 40 attribute points for a created player, get 40 points for only ONE created player. Then, when you want to make a new one, load the one with 40 points, change all the features that you want, and save it.

Big heads - Beat challenge on medium or hard with Rock,Bulldog,or Farooq.

stone cold stunner:

up,down,circlemanndibal claw: forward,back,circle

To do a hurricanrana off of the top turnbuckle with Thrasher you must climb up onto the top rope whilst your opponent is standing up and press left, right, up, circle and square. Thrasher will jump off the top rope and hit his opponent with a massive hurricanrana!

Beans Mode:
Win the challenge with Thrasher or Mosh on Medium or Hard. Then when a player is hit they will burp or fart

Stone Cold Stunner
When in tie-up press(r,r,tie-up)

Play as trainer go in to training and when you come out get the cheats menu up and trainer will be there ready for you to play with

Win the world belt with Austin and you will have more costumes. You have got to press L2,R1,R2 for it to work.

Play as rattlesnake(brillent stone cold) All you have to do is win the world belt with any created player.

At the Option screen Press : up, down, up, down, Squ, Squ, circle, Cir, x, Tri, x, Tri

To taunt the opponent press either Square + Circle or Triangle + Cross
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