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Social Studies:
Students are currently finishing up their Economics unit and will begin an in-depth look at a country and how the five themes of geography relate to it.  This last unit will culminate with a student-team presentation.


"Food Production" is taking longer than anticipated to move through, but students continue to work hard.  Presentation to other classes to collect data that will be used in a class presentation will be set up soon. 

As we work on projects for "Food Production" students will concurrently look at integers and get a grasp of how they are added, subtracted, multiplied and divided.

Continue to practice your multiplication facts outside of class if you are still struggling with them.  There is a link below to an online set of flash cards if you're interested.

Power Writing:  

Students should continue to gather information for their "All About Me" packets.  this will be the primary portion of your Power Writing grade for the fourth quarter.

If you have any questions, you can click on the link above and e-mail me any time.  I check e-mail about every other day.  Your suggestions and comments are welcome.
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