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  Spanish 3
Today we are going to use the Internet to find information about different movies that are showing in Spain.
Part 1. Look at the list of movie titles below. Choose 5. Using the word bank and your knowledge of Spanish, try to figure out what each title might be in English.
Part 2. For each of the titles, write in Spanish a 3 sentence summary of the movie plot. If you don't know it, make it up! You may not know but that's okay. Try it!
Part 3. Using the site listed below, find each movie title and tell whether or not you were correct when you wrote the summary.

TITLE LIST: (Choose 5!)
Algo pasa con Maria
El mundo perdido
Campo de batalla: la Tierra
Juegos salvajes
Aun se lo que hicisteis el ultimo verano
El hombre de la mascara de hierro
Bichos, Una aventura en miniatura

HIERRO - iron            PERDIDO - lost
AUN - still              MASCARA - mask
BICHOS - bugs            BATALLA - battle
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