Use the links below to complete your worksheet and to review stem changing/boot verbs.

Stay on task to avoid losing participation points and/or a zero for this activity.

A.View the different "huipiles" at the different sites below.

What do you notice about the
1. size
2. shape
3. color
4. design

Draw 2 different huipiles from two different towns. 

B. After reading about how typical Guatemalans dress, describe what the men wear. 

Draw it.

What is the name of the shirt some still wear? 

Write a little about the article in the link below titled, "men's clothing page142". What is surprising to you? Do you consider any of these things when you get dressed each day or pick out your clothing?

C.  Visit the views of Lake Atitlan.  What do you see that Patricia saw?

List the volcanos around Lake Atitlan.  List three pueblos that surround Lake Atitlan.

D.  After viewing the sites below.  Write a few DESCRIPTIVE sentences about the market place.

E. According TO ONE TRAVELER'S ACCOUNT, how is Lake Atitlan today? Who lives there?

F. Briefly describe the history of Guatemala. 4 sentences.

G. How are tortillas made? What are they made of?
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