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Donegal Middle School  
Welcome to Sixth Grade!

   Welcome to the sixth grade at Donegal Middle School.  We have a great year planned for you.  To help you keep up with school events, I have designed this page for you and your parents to use.  The students in our class will be updating the 'Homework and School Events' section each day and I will update the 'Important Parent Information' and 'Links' sections.

Homework and School Events

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Friday (date)-

Have a great weekend!

Important Parent Information
    I would also like to welcome you, the parents, to a great year at Donegal Middle School.  Please check this web site often for news and encourage your child to do so as well.  I will be including web links in this site in an effort to encourage the children to use these appropriate and educational sites to learn, research, and have fun.  Each of the sites will have been checked prior to posting.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions.  
    The information on this site is not intended to replace regular parent communication through newsletters or conferences.  Your child should still be bringing home important information to you.
    I hope you find the web site helpful and informative.
                            Miss Vismer
Useful links
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