papgeometry Ms. J Elliott
Katy High School PAP Geometry Teacher
Grading   Daily Work-10% Quizzes-20% Tests-70%
Tutoring available on Tuesdays and Thursday or the day before an exam.

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Fourth 6 Weeks We are working on SPECIAL RIGHT TRIANGLES & INTRO TO TRIGONOMETRY WITH APPLICATIONS. This involves MEMORIZING THE RELATIONSHIPS OF THE SIDES OF SPECIAL TRIANGLES & THE FIRST THREE TRIGONOMETRY RELATIONSHIPS FOR SINE, COSINE, AND TANGENT. Students should be well-versed is applying the special right triangle relationships and the applications for the first three trig relationships by the end of the 6 weeks. This will include A TEACHER SIGNATURE FORM FOR THE SPECIAL TRIANGLES and DEVELOPING & WRITING WORD PROBLEMS THAT USE THE TRIG RELATIONSHIPS


It is a prerequisite for this class that each student have a scientific calculator with sin, cos and tan functions on the calculator. A calculator with these buttons may be found at any of the large discount stores, drug stores or grocery stores for around $10. Each student also need to have a compass, protractor, ruler and graph paper each day.

Conference Period 10:25-11:10 a.m.

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