paranas Meghan
DuBois Area High School Student of Mrs. Parana
This is a page made by a fellow student and it is to show some of the things that have been taught so far this school year in Mrs. Paranas first period class. We have learned the spanish alphabet, some greetings and goodbyes (some formal some informal), some micsellanious terms, some number of verbs, how women/men/older couples greet in spain and Latin America, some adverbs, bebidas callentes (Hot Drinks), bebidas frias (Cold Drinks), food expressions, Cafe ways, Indefinate articles, comidas (foods), subject pronouns, Pronoun substitution (ex: she, he, her, him...), Questions &Answers in Spanish form, Vocabulario (Vocabulary), Paises (Countries), Nationalities, Occupations, indefinate articles, Showing Possessions, House/home items in spanish, AND Vehicles/transportation items in spanish.
    We have learned a lot and it is all most half way into the school year and we aren't finished yet...I find this class as my FAVORITE class all because of the way my teacher is and teaches my class. Mrs. Parana is a grat teacher and she seems to like what she does and she does a FABULOUS job at it! YOU GO MRS. PARANA!!!!
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