parlamentarian Mr.Parlamentarian
  Ryan Picard
    My name is Ryan Picard and I am your student council parlimentarian for the 2000-2001 school year.In the last student council meeting we discussed mostly about food drives for the upcoming school week.You be able to drop off cans of food in your marked house box outside of the house offices.
        The student council had a meeting with about 14 people on Monday afternoon. We discussed about how to run the food drive, that will be going on all this week(Nov.13 through Nov.17 and Nov.20 and 21st). We will make baskets for the needy families of Albany and then give them out. All of the food that doesn't get used will go to the regional food bank. Student council will spend about $300 on this food drive. On Monday after school the officer will go shopping and buy non-canned foods to put in the baskets.
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