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Comanche High School Biology I and II
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To learn to observe specimens more closely.
To be able to state the 8 qualifications of life.
to be able to define biology and it's related classes.
To recognize the steps of the scientific method.

Target Sheet for Biology I
September 5-8

Sept.5, Monday-no school
Sept.6, Tuesday-Copy notes on chapter 1 from overhead/handout
Learn parts of the microscope and how to use it (p.862)
Sept. 7, Wednesday-Discussion on chapter 1 and review for   Thursday’s test
Sept. 8, Thursday-Test over Chapter 1;  Pond water lab page 21 in text and observation of  specimens
Sept. 9, Friday-Word enrichment test; finish observation lab and insect video

Target Sheet on Biology II
September 5-8

September 5 Monday-no school
Sept. 6 Tuesday-Quiz on observations of every day things; discuss chapter 1; worksheet on observations and inferences
Sept. 7, Wednesday-Prepare petri dishes for hatching brine shrimp (p. 17 in text); Observation of living things worksheet (lab); vocabulary cross word puzzle
Sept. 8, Thursday-grade cross word puzzle; open book test on chapter 1
Sept. 9, Friday-Word enrichment test; Bunsen burner lab 1A-dissolve salt in test tube of water
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