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Story by Grant C. in fourth-grade.
One dark dingy day a little boy was walking down the old dirt road when a jolt of lightning struck close to him.  And as a matter of fact he had lightningphobia!  So he a big bang!  Then he started to run.  After that he tripped and fell then he saw another flash of lightning.  Then he got up and ran home.  The End

Story by Alec M. in fourth-grade
  Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jim.  Every day and night he had to keep his closet closed.  He had closetphobia-the fear of open closets.  He did that because he thought that ghosts would haunt him especially on Halloween.  One night he had a dream that he was being haunted that minute.  He woke up and looked for an open closet.  He saw no open closets so he went back to bed.  He woke up to a noise in his room.  He noticed that it was Halloween night.  He screamed for help.  Jim's mom ran in a couple of seconds later.  She said what happened.  I woke up to a noise like a monster.  His mom went back to bed and Jim did the same.  Jim woke up a 6:00 in the morning.  He ate breakfast and went to school.  Then Jim lived happily ever after.  He still keeps his closet closed at night for fear that something will grab him in the night!

Our next story is by Jenna K. in fourth-grade.
    Once there was a small, little, girl who had agoraphobia.  This little girl's name was Helen.  It was the night before Halloween when Helen's friends decided that they were going to throw toilet paper all over Mr. Dark's mansion!  Mr. Dark was a grumpy, old, man who didn't like kids.  On Halloween all the kids gathered around the mansion.  Helen's best friend Alyssa decided that her and Helen were going to go together inside the mansion!  Helen begged Alyssa not to go in because Helen had agoraphobia.  But Alyssa wouldn't give in.  Finally, Helen's other best friend Stephanie  who was a brat said alright, alright I'll come in too.  Now will you come in Helen?  OK, fine but we have to stay together. When they went in there were spider webs all over the place.  Helen whispered to Alyssa hey lets play a trick on Stephanie!  Alyssa said okay what do you want to do?  By the time they had it all planned out they told Stephanie they were going to the bathroom.  They went and dressed up into Mrs. Dark's old witch costume.  They started swarming around the house on a broomstick tied to the banister.  Stephanie started to scream louder than a boom box with the volume up to 999,999,999,999!!!!  Finally Helen and Alyssa got out of Mrs. Dark's costume.  Stephanie was crying.  Then when she saw that Helen and Alyssa were playing a trick on her she was so upset.  The other kids were trashing the Dark's house with toilet paper.  The next morning, Mr. Dark woke up in a good mood for once in his life.  But then again maybe not.  When he saw his house he shreiked even louder than Stephanie when she saw Helen and Alyssa dressed up as a witch.  He woke up all the neighbors who were turned into witches and warlocks!  Except Helen and Alyssa.  Alyssa said cool I didn't know we had magic powers.

Ms. Scribo thinks that friends like Alyssa and Helen might give Stephanie friendphobia.

Story by Sarah B. in fourth-grade
Katherine's Arachnaphobia

Katherine had arachnaphobia.  One day Katherine was trotting along when a spider dropped down on her head.  Katherine screamed!  She was going to brush it out but her brush was not in her pocket.  She was scared of spiders because they were disgusting.  They squirmed so much and they were dirty.  This one was especially dirty.  It had fangs!  They were long, sharp, and looked like vampires teeth.
Before Katherine knew it the spider sunk his razor edged incisors right into her scalp.  The ground was spinning before here.  When she awakened she was in her bed.  Her brother, Sam, was in the corner holding a plant.  As soon as Katherine made a noise Sam come over.  He gave the plant to Katherine.  Katherine said, "What kind of plant is it?" Sam answered giggling, "A spider plant."  Katherine let out a shrill scream.

Story by Alina B. in fourth-grade.
The Haunted Halloween Night!

Once upon a night there was a witch and her black cat.  As always they were at their tall fort in the woods.  This witch was an acrophobic, so her cat had to trick her for going in their fort.

The way the cat tricked her was to hide her broom in the fort, then she had to go in to get her broom to fly, and scare all the kids away.

Every Halloween the cat told her there was a piece of candy at the top.  This would make the witch climb the ladder to the fort, get her broom, and ride a round on Halloween night.  The End.

Story by Nick E. in fourth-grade.
    I woke up on Halloween morning.  I looked out my window and saw spooky fog.  It was so thick it looked like a piece of paper.
    Just then, I remembered that today was school conferences.
    I went to the school and waited until my Mom and Dad finished the conference.  When I came in to get my Mom, my teacher suddenly looked at me and said that she had some homework for me to do over the four day weekend. 
    Suddenly, I broke into spots and fainted.  When I woke up, I was at the Doctor's office.  "Oh my goodness!" said the Doctor, "Nick has homeworkphobia!
    "Homeworkphobia!  What do we do for the cure?"  said Mom.
    "That's very simple," said the Doctor.  "He won't be able to do Homework for the rest of his life."
    As soon as I heard that, all my spots disappeared.  And I lived very happily ever after.  The End.

Story by Lance G. in fourth-grade.
Once, there was a child name-contest and Joey he wasn't afraid of anything or so he thought.  He never stayed inside at night he lived at ---- East ------- Circle. He was very immature.  His brother Lance is very mature. Joey always  played tricks on people.  Once he even threw some liquid that looked like blood.  Then one night he went outside and saw the Grim Reaper!  He ran as fast as he  could he barely made it inside!  He told his mom that was no use  his mom didn't say anything except "there's no such thing as the Grim Reaper."  Joey went out the next night he saw the Grim Reaper again this time he wasn't running away he got a pair of knunchucks from the lawn and of course from all the other stories you've heard the Grim Reaper in you know his weapon the Ax like thing well time to get back to the story. Joey is running to a dungeon.  He got there The Grim Reaper struck there was nothing he could do but block he barely blocked the blow Joey hit his own weapon.  (he has two knunchucks)  The Grim Reaper hit Joey in the heart he was bleeding very badly and Joey died a day after.  His family has never found him. Ever since then the Grim Reaper  has never been seen again.  And Joey had Phobos Phobia.

Story by Courtney C. in fourth-grade.
    Once there was a girl who's name was Jennelle.  She was a girl with darkphobia.  Jennelle went to Chillies one day.  That day was Halloween.  When she got there everything started to be weird.
    Five minutes after she got there, the lights went out (remember she has darkphobia.)  It was pitch black.  Jennelle  knew she would order pizza.  So she did.  When she got her pizza it turned into a MONSTER! It was green with red bumps.  It had a long, slimy, spikey tail.  She was so scared she couldn't move.  Jennelle had goose bumps.  Then she saw a ghost.  It looked just like her.  She thought she was in a haunted house until she woke-up.  But then it was even worse.  When she did wake-up, she saw 2 ghosts, 4 monsters, 8 witches, and 7 vampires.  The lights were blinking, Jennelle was so scare.  It was worse when the lights did go out.  Then the ghosts took her outside.  She was in a graveyard.  She saw a wagon.  She finally got away from the ghosts and ran away from the things. (11 years later)  She had a friend named Lisa D.  On Halloween that year they decided to go down to that haunted house she was at when she was 9.  That night Jennelle and Lisa dressed up as witches.  They walked for 1.5 miles.  Finally they saw a house in the distance.  They started to run.  They knocked on the door and it opened by itself.  They both walked inside.  Then Jennelle saw the same wagon she saw when she was 9.  She went upstairs with Lisa.  Then they saw the Monster.  She was very scared!  Then she turned around and she saw a ghost that looked like Lisa.  She saw Lisa.  Lisa was a vampire.  But Jennelle knew she had sockphobia.  So Jennelle took off her sock and threw it at Lisa, but she didn't know  that the ghost Lisa and the vampire Lisa didn't have sockphobia when she was a vampire.  She saw a green light then she felt sharp teeth in her mouth!  10 years later on Halloween a girl named Megan lived in that house.  Her parents weren't there that night.  She went up in the attic and when she turned around she saw the monsters, witches, ghost, and vampires.  She saw Lisa and Jennelle.  She screamed.  She saw a flash of red and green light.  Then she was never heard of or seen again.

Story by Kyle C. in fifth-grade.
    Jack is a fifth grader at photophobia elementary.  All the teachers keep the lights dimmed because all of them are afraid of light.  Jack has another problem.  He thinks a monster is in his desk.  He wants to keep it closed through the whole month.
    Each day he puts a heavy weight on his desk, like a 50 pound block of cement.  He keeps his books on the floor.  when the teacher tells him to put his books inside he says,  "If you want to look in my desk to see if there is a monster, go ahead."  The class says to the teacher, "Just do it."  She agree, "Okay kids, I'll check in Jack's desk."  The light was so dim the teacher couldn't see inside.  Jack said, "Turn the lights on bright."  She screams, "You can't because I have photophobia!"  Jack says, "But I have deskphobia."  The class beats their hands on their desks and yell, "TURN UP THE LIGHTS!  OPEN THE DESK."
    Jac and the teacher ran into the hall.  They hear yelling and screaming and they are really scared when they go back inside and find no one there.  Later the Principal comes inside the fifth grade room with no one but a noise in one desk (Jacks).

Story by Sam W. in fifth-grade
    It was Halloween and Mouse and Bug were on their way home from school.  "I dunno Bug, it looks pretty creepy out here.  Are you sure it's safe to go trick-or-treating?"  "Relax," Bug said.  "It'll be fine.  After all..." Bug's reassurances were cut off by Mouse's scream.  "Arrrhg!" he shouted as he saw a big bag filled with leaves shaped like a spider.  "I have spiderphobia!"  And before Bug could stop him, Mouse was off like a shot, and didn't stop running all the way home.
    That night, Mouse and Bug's mother called up to them.  "Mooooouse! Buuuug!  Take showers you two!  Anybody who opens their door to you will faint from stinkphobia."   "EEEEEEEK!! screamed Mouse.  "I have hydrophobia!"  Bug rolled his eyes.  "Mouse, it's only a shower..." "AAAAAAHHHHHH!! I could slip in the tub and DIE!!  I have deathphobia!!  Before Bug could argue that one would not die from slipping in the shower, their mother called to them again.
    "If you won't take a shower then at least put on some deoderant!" "ARRRRRGGGGG!  I have deoderantphobia!"  "Then just put on your costume," yelled their mom.  "EEEEEEEEEK!! I have costumephobia.  Save me Bug!!"
    By now Bug was getting a little fed up with Mouse being afraid of everything on the planet, so he simply jammed Mouse's alien costume on Mouse's head.  "AAAAAHHHHHH!! I have darkphobia!"  Bug threw a flashlight through the head hole.  "EEEEEEEKKK!  I have  being-bonked-on-the-head-by-a-flashlight-wildly-thrown-down-the-neckhole-of-my-alien-costume-by-a-big-brother-who-is-entirely-fed-up-of-my-being-scared-of-everything-on-the-planet-phobia!!
    Bug and Mouse were all ready to go trick-or-treating.  Mouse wasn't scared of anything outside.  When they got home, their mom said, "Time to go do homework."  "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I have homeworkphobia!! screamed Mouse.  He ran up to bed.  "Me too! screeched Bug, and he ran up to bed too.     THE END
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