passons Ms. Passons
J.W. Webb Elementary 2nd grade teacher

Welcome to Ms. Passons' 2nd Grade Class!

My Background:

My name is Heather Passons and I'm a 2nd grade teacher at Webb Elementary in McKinney, Texas. I am originally from Dallas, Texas. This is my first year of teaching. I graduated from Austin College in Sherman, Texas in 1998 with a bachelor's degree in Education and again in 1999 with a master's degree in Education. I am very excited to be teaching at Webb. I have a wonderful group of 20 students who have worked very hard this year!

What We Are Learning:

The majority of our day focuses on language arts and math. Our reading curriculum is centered around the Reading Renaissance Program and Accelerated Reader. The kids take multiple choice quizzes on the computer after they read a book. The students work toward reading goals at their appropriate level. We spend at least 120 minutes each day practicing our reading skills. I have seen amazing improvement in my students' reading ability!
We use a variety of manipulatives to learn math skills and concepts. I feel that kids learn best through hands-on experiences. This year we have learned about adding and subtracting two- and three-digit numbers, measurement, geometrical shapes, fractions, and multiplication.
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