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Cicero-North Syracuse High School High School Resource
This Quia web site is designed to help you study and review for various state and local exams.
If you have Internet access at home, you can use this web site at home too!
I hope you find this helpful and a little fun too!

Ms. Pat Campbell
Resource Teacher CNS
My Quia activities and quizzes
Global review
Global Regents review, fill in the blank
Global Regents review quiz
Global Regents review quiz
Math A Jeopardy game
Math A Exam Jeopardy
Money Management
Money Management terms
U.S. History Pop-up game
Questions are from previous state exams
U.S. History terms
Important terms involving U.S. History
History Terms Hangman
U.S. History terms
U.S. History Regents review quiz
U.S. History Regents review
Math Apps 2 Mid-term Jeopardy
Mid-term review Math Apps.2
Science RCT review quiz
Questions from previous Science RCT exams
Global Studies Review
Religions Hangman Game
Religions of the world
Religions of the world #2
Religions of the World #3
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