patriothistory Mrs. Cebula
East Newton High School American History
Tuesday, January 15th, 2002

You all did a WONDERFUL job yesterday!  Excellent!

Now for today:

Follow the directions from yesterday's Computer Activity Handout.  If you have questions -- ask the person sitting next to you.  If neither of you know, ask Mrs. Cebula.

Once you have both windows open - remember to use your "Back" button to go back to the previous screen in that window.  DO NOT click the "X" in the upper right-hand corner until class is over.  You may loose everything you've been working on. 

You will look at some statistics about child labor today in one internet window. 

The 4 questions will be in the second window. 

Finally, you will be turning in your assignment using email.  When you have completed the questions - click the SUBMIT button.  You will see where to put your name and Mrs. Cebula's email address.  If you have an email address, you can also send a copy to you. 

When you are done -- and still have some time left -- test your memory about U.S. States and Capitals by doing the game below (see the link).  OR -- check out some of the other games at the home site -- go to Top 50 Activities.

Have a good day!  
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