patriotpsych Mrs. Cebula
East Newton High School  
Thursday, November 29, 2001

This is an online assignment.  Follow the directions here and at the websites you will be going to.

1.  Scroll to the bottom of this page.  Check it out.  See where the "links" are listed. 

2.  Go to "File" and "New" and choose "Window".  Now you have 2 browser windows open.  See the bottom tool bar. 

3.  From either window (they're the same) go to "Useful Links" below and click on the link for "Our Psychology Book Online" (you actually click on the blue text).

4.  At the textbook website, go to the Student Web Activity for Chapter 8.  It is located in Unit 3.

5.  Look at the ENTIRE page.  Use the scroll bar to see the entire page and how it is set-up.  Notice the 5 questions you will be answering and the boxes that you type your answers in.  Read what this assignment is about and what you need to do. 

6.  Follow the directions, beginning with clicking on the "Tutorials in Sensation and Perception" to launch another browser window.  When you click on this "link", you will have 3 windows open. Look at your toolbar along the bottom of the screen to click back-and-forth between the windows.  

7.  Read the directions in the Student Web Activities window -- a 3-bullet list.  Notice that the second bullet tells you to click on "Use of Visual Information in Art" in the Tutorials in Sensation...window. 

8.  Answer all the questions and follow the directions to email them to me.  My email is at the bottom of the Computer Lab sheet.  After sending the email, do the fifth question.  Use the back of the Computer Lab sheet for your drawing.  Please put this in your colored folder. 

If you have any time left in the hour do the following:

Go to the "Quia Activities" below and click on Ch. 8 Sensation and Perception.  If you have begun the homework assignment that is due tomorrow (Friday), this will be a piece of cake.  If you have not -- you may want to use your book to help you.  Choose a couple different games and do them a couple of times. 

Explore the other links listed below.  The choices are "More Optical Illustions" and "Personality Tests".  Check 'em out.  Read, try some, what do ya' think?  Let me know.  

Reminder: Your homework assignment over Chapter 8 is due tomorrow -- Friday, the last day of November!

Have a great day and know that....

the weekend is almost here!  And only 16 school days left in the semester!!! 
My Quia activities and quizzes
Ch. 8 Sensation & Perception
Useful links
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