pattilee Mrs. Lee
Northwest Heights Elementary Second Grade Teacher

Please remember to read with your child each evening and to practice with them on learning the value of each coin. (Let them practice adding the change in your pocket each evening.)

On Wednesday, May 15, we will be going to the movies to see "Jimmy Neutron".  The cost of the movie is $3.50.  This includes popcorn and a drink.  Please be sure that you send the money ASAP.  We will be unable to take the students that do not pay. Do not send extra money. They will not have the concession stand open.

Our SPELLING WORDS for next week are:

first  second  third  fourth  fifth  sixth  seventh  eigth  ninth  tenth  eleventh  twelfth  haven't  aren't  wouldn't  we're  we'll  they've  summer  vacation

If you have not already enrolled your child for next year, be sure and do this to guarantee they have room for them in Third Grade.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 924-5595.  My "Planning Time" is from 10:30-11:20.


Patti Lee

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