payne1 Mrs. Payne
Sam Rayburn High School English instructor
Field Trip News
     English I will be taking a field trip on May 3rd to Scarborough Faire.  Ticket money ($6.50 ea.) is due by April 5th.

Research Papers
     Students should be to the point of writing the rough drafts of their research papers.  Rough drafts will be due on April 5th.

     English I will begin a study of Great Expectations on Mon., Mar. 20th.  A tentative schedule follows.  I will update this schedule daily.  The unit project can be accessed from .  Follow the directions from the site as they are given.  Each student will be responsible for choosing one case and doing the investigative work assigned in the site.

Monday, Mar. 27-Friday, Mar. 31
     *Notes on parethetical reference
     *Read and discuss chapters 5-16,
     *Voc.-Chap. 1-16 tentatively due Friday
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