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12/05/05 Homework: "Noteables" Lesson 6-4. Click on the link to review and work through the problems we used for the instructional focus. Instructional_Focus for 12/07/05 ______________________________________________________________________________________ 11/4/05 Hello Students. I hope all is well with you and your families. We survived the storm and it is time to get back to school. (hoo-ray!) Remember to visit fl.geometryonline.com (there is a link below) and take the practice quiz for 4-6 and then 4-7. Remember to send your score to pbhs_geom@yahoo.com If you feel you are not ready to take the quiz, please review the examples first and then take the quiz. See you soon! _____________________________________________________________________ It's the beginning of the 2nd 9 weeks and We Are Loving Geometry! Quiz on 4-4 and 4-5 on Thursday, 10/20. Test on ALL of Chapter 4 is scheduled for Tuesday, 10/25. Tuesday, Oct. 18 pg 201 #14-28 Even pg 211 #9-21 Wednesday, Oct 19 pg 214 #1-10 pg 213 #33-41 pg 209 Concept Summary (methods to prove triangle congruence) ___________________________________________________________________ It's time for the MID-TERM Exam! Things To Do to prepare for the Mid-term: 1. visit the textbook website (link below) and take the self_check quizzes from a) Chapter 1, all lessons; b) Chapter 2, all lessons; c) Chapter 3, all lessons; d) Chapter 4, lesson 1,2,3 Do not just look at the problems on the monitor. Work through the problems. Continue to re-take the quiz from each lesson until you score at least 80%. Use your notes and textbook to assist you. 2. visit the yahoo Geometry help link (listed below) for extra problems and explanations 3. review your notes for the Instructional Focus warm-up problems (there are 5 of these on the test) 4. review your test-taking strategies and be clear on the strategies you will use while taking the exam I know everyone is ready to conquer the mid-term. This will be a FANTASTIC school year! Monday, August 8th Pre-requisite skills: Pg 5 #1-15 Remember, show your work! Vocab Review: Lesson 1-1 Tuesday, August 9th pg 9-11 #13-53 odd #38,40 Homework #60-65 Wednesday, August 10th Noteables Lesson 1-1 and 1-2 Model Intersecting Planes Thursday, August 11th Lesson 1-2 #1-15, 17-49 odd (review as a class) pg 19 #58-65 and Practice Quiz 1 (Graded) HW: Review Factoring to Solve Equations pg. 750-751 #1-30 odd Monday, August 15th pg 25 #23-28 Find the distance and the midpoint Practice Skills 1-3 Tuesday, August 16th pg 26 #29-42. HW: pg 34 #34-48 (Review for 8/17) Wednesday, August 17th Practice Skills Workbook 1-1 through 1-5 (Review) Thursday, August 18th Instructional Focus Quiz pg58-59 Standardized Test Monday, August 22nd Noteables Lesson 1-1 through 1-6 Review Angle Relationships Text 37-44 HW pg 42 #27-37 Tuesday, August 23rd Angle Relationships:Critical Thinking pg 43 #38-43 Polygons pg 48 #7-11 (Class) pg 49 #12-30 Even; pg 56 Section 1-6 Wednesday, August 24th pg 61 #1-14 (Class) Study Guide & Intervention 2-1, 2-2 HW Practice Skills 2-1, 2-2 Thursday, August 25th Quiz Lesson 1-5 through 2-2 Lesson 2-3 Noteables (Class) HW pg 79 #46-65 (Graded)
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