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Welcome to my web page!UPDATE 4B – WEEK OF OCTOBER 8-12, 2001

BIBLE- LESSON 7 –Christ Reveals His Power pages 31-33. TEST  10/12.

SPELLING- LESSON 7- (fighting, final, idea, sincere, quite, quiet, height, divide, I’d, alive, violin, deny, satisfy, living, guide, supply, video, politely, ninetieth, fifteenth)- TEST 10/12

MATH- TEST 10/10
Things to Know:
Some/some problem with a missing addend
Knowing where to place the unknown number in an addition problem
Using digits to write a mystery number (see lesson 18 #3)
Know months of the year
Comparing numbers
Reading a number line
Writing numbers in expanded form
Place value
Sequence of numbers
Addition and subtraction of two and three digit numbers

SOCIAL STUDIES- TEST –10/12-Chapter 1

READING- Book Vest –due 10/18
We are continuing to work on reading comprehension in daily reading assignments and on work sheets.

ENGLISH – TEST  over Unit 1 projected for 10/12- It will be open book- students should begin to review lessons.

SCIENCE- TEST 10/10 (See last weeks Update for things to know)  INSECT COLLECTION due  10/19.

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