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Bonjour!  Here are some links that will help you review material from French I.

Bonne chance!
-Madame Riviere
le 15 aout 2002
I have updated this page with new links.  Here are some links you should try:
Look in the USEFUL LINKS section at the bottom of this page.

There are links to practice -er verbs
Also links on AVOIR and ETRE--these are VERY important irregular verbs.
There are links for numbers
and I finally fixed the link on family.  This link has all of the common terms that we went over and also some new ones too.
Have fun.
Email me if you have any problems!
-Madame Riviere
My Quia activities and quizzes
Fr 2- Forms of Prendre
Practice the verb PRENDRE
Fr 2 -Practice on -ir verbs like Finir
Practice -ir/-iss verbs like FINIR
Vieux Beau and Nouveau Agreement Practice
Practice making agreement on adjectives like Vieux, beau and nouveau
FR 2 Prepare for your Quiz on Vieux Beau and Nouveau
Vieux, beau and nouveau
FR 2 CHAPTER 6 Practice MNI vocab
some vocabulary
Fr 2 Chapter 6 Review Game Game 1
Jeopardy review 1
Fr 2 Chapter 6 Review game 2
Jeopardy review 2
Intermediate French Test
Useful links
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