pdspaulding Sra. Spaulding
Katy High School Spanish I and II instructor
Spanish I and II
Textbook and workbook: Ven conmigo
Katy High-Main Campus Room A102
Conference:  1:50-2:35

Students are assigned homework almost every night.  This is necessary because they need to practice what they learned in class.  We learn something new every day.  ALL new skills require practice.  PRACTICE! PRACTICE!  Success depends on staying current and doing a little everyday--just like riding a bicycle.  Students should be making flashcards of the vocabulary in the chapter they are studying.  They should have flashcards of Chapters 1-3 to date.

Tutoring:  Is available every Tuesday morning at 7:00AM.  This is open and available to anyone who wants to come.  If this is  inconvenient, other arrangements can be made.

THIS WEEK IN SPANISH I and II CLASS:  Review sheet for Chapter 3 test will be passed out on Wednesday, October 11, Class review on Thursday, October 12, and Chapter 3 test will be on Friday, October 13.
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