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Ming Chuan University Exclusively for Courses #
English Language Center (ELC),
Department of Applied English (DAE),
Ming Chuan University (MCU), Taiwan

Course #:

Instructor: Roman R. Yamsuan, Sr.
(M.Ed., The State University of New York)
Tel. 2882-4564 (Ext. 2311/2312)
Office Hours: (by appointment only)

PE3 Skills %:

A. Reading (now 30%) (was 50% in PE2)
B. Speaking (now 20%) (was 10% in PE2)
C. Listening (now 35%) (was 30% in PE2)
D. Writing (now 15%) (was 10% in PE2)

PE3 Grading % Totals:

A. 1x Midterm + 1x Final Exam = 50%
B. Classroom:
   1. From Teacher = 25%

      (a) Conduct
      (b) Attendance
      (c) Participation
      (d) Assignments
      (e) Bonus

   2. Oral = 15%
      (a) 1x Speech Presentation (SP1)
      (b) 1x Stage Play (SP2)

   3. Writing = 10%
      1x Writing Project (WP)




You are responsible to be present and on time
for all your classes! Each hour you are absent
(without a valid written excuse) lowers your
grade by two (2) points:

(-) 1.00 point for being absent; and
(-) 1.00 point for not completing or
    submitting assignments or tasks on
    that hour.

Hence, for a student who will absent without a
valid written excuse for our class, which is
three (3) hours long, this will be:

    3 hours x 2 points = (-) 6.00 points deducted
    from his or her grade on that day!

If a student will asks how many absences he or
she has in my class, I may not answer because I
feel that as an adult, university students must
be aware of their own attendance record.

If you are also late by more than thirty (30) for
the first hour of class or more than fifteen
(15) minutes after the second and third hours,
please wait until the next hour to enter the

Students who would like to fall asleep in my
class may do so, but must first pay a small
“service fee” of (-) 2.00 points from their
grade every hour that they sleep in my class.
I understand that some students have to work
late in their jobs, but please arrange your
personal life and part-time work schedule so
you will be awake and ready to actively
participate in our class activities.

Please note the biggest reason why students
fail or get bad grades in my courses is because
of poor attendance!


Show me how active, involved, and knowledgeable
you are by participating actively in all activities
and projects in this course! The participation part
of your score is graded on a curve with more points
given to students (and/or members of teams) who are
more hardworking, enthusiastic, consistent, and
accurate than others.

Students who are able to intelligently ask and
answer questions individually usually get a full
one (1.00) point each time they do so.

Teamwork results in quarter point or more (.25+)
for each student in a team that is present during
a given task performed successfully.

Bonus points of up to five or more (5.00+) points
can be given to students who are:

(1) Participants in our Tutoring Program;
(2) Maintain consistent above average performance
    in our class; and
(3) Have given me a positive academic impression.


You are responsible for doing and submitting your
assignments on time!  No delays or "make-up" work
is allowed, except in special cases. If you cannot
come to my class on a certain day or hour, but
would like to give your homework or assignment to
your friend to give to me, I will deduct only half
point, instead of the full points.

Remember, students who fail to both attend and
give me their assignments usually lose 6.00 points
from their grade for just one day that they were




“Speech Presentation” (or SP1):

This is is a 5-minute speech memorized by each
student and held four times (SP1a~d) a semester.

“Stage Play” (or SP2):

This is a 15-minute team presentation (5~10
students per team) and held four times (SP2a~d),
per semester. A copy of dialogue must be given
one week before the presentation and all lines
in each member's dialogue(including those of
the narrator) must be well-memorized and
rehearsed. Topics are related to themes
found in our book and must be first approved
by the teacher.

“Writing Project” (or WP):

This is an individual handwritten project.
In PE3, students must paraphrase a paragraph
or paragraphs given by the teacher.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments,
please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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