peacocksmath Mrs. Cox
Lockhart Junior High School 7th grade Mathematics
Counting Down!! But we're still learning!! Six-weeks Exams will be on Tuesday, May 23, 2000.

This week's lessons:

Regular Math
>Bring in materials for Race Car: 20 ounce bottle, wire coat hanger, something for wheels, stuff to decorate and weight it
1/2 will race on Wednesday, 6/7 will race on Thursday
>Begin building Tetrahedral Kites
>Learn the Distributive Property
>Learn to solve two-step equations
>Begin reviewing for 6-weeks Exam
Honors Math
Bring in Race Cars
Race on Wednesday
Begin Projectiles and Gravity Activity
Learn to solve Really Complex Multi-step Equations
Begin reviewing for End-of-Year Exam

The last site listed below under useful sites is a really cool site with lots of neat math stuff. Check it out!
My Quia activities and quizzes
end of year objectives
flashcards, matching, word search, concentration
end of year
a hodge podge of end of year objectives
Useful links
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