pearson2ndgr Mrs. Pearson
Whitney Elementary School Second Grade Teacher
Dear Parents,
   I want to thank you for sharing your children with me. We have gotten off to a very good start. The end of the first six weeks was last Friday,September 22,2000. Your child's first report card will be coming home Thursday, September 28,2000.

Second Six Weeks              

Reading- Please continue to read with your child each night at least for 15 minutes. They are trying very hard to get their bees on the wall of fame. They are able to put their bees on the wall as soon as they reach 10 points.We are doing A.R. in class for approximately 60 minutes,but keep in mind, this includes reading, taking tests, conferencing with me, and going to the library to check out more books.
We will be continuing to have comprehension and vocabulary tests on the stories in their basal readers.

Math- Continue signing the B side of their Math Folders, working on math facts. We have now completed +0, +1, +2, and doubles. Math should continue to get a little more challenging as the six weeks progresses, so please continue working at home on the daily homework assignments.

Spelling- We will continue having pre-tests on Monday to assess the need for challenge words. Thursday will be the trial test for their list words and Friday the final test.The top spellers from each second grade class will try out for UIL.

If you have any questions you may call 1-254-694-3264 (school)    Thanks again, Mrs. Pearson
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