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Pattison Elementary Art - Grades 1 - 5
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Yahooligans is a geat place to visit for childen's art.  The best way to learn about art is to view other people's work.  Let's skip the famous artist for now and visit Link #1 to see a gallery full of awesome children's work.

At school CRAYOLA is the brand for our crayons our markers and our colored pencils.  If you check out Link #2 CRAYOLA will let you make crafts, color, read a story, and do some online art.  Have fun and remember to always be CREATIVE with CRAYOLA!!!

Weaving - Weaving - Weaving - Weaving - Weaving - Weaving

That is what fifth grade is into now!!  It is not only a whole lot of fun, but we are learning about a loom, a warp, a weft, and a shuttle.  If you have questions about weaving or textiles, please ask us we are very knowledgeable!!
Link #3 is an excellent weaving museum.  Click on and enjoy the works of others in this field!!!
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