pease Mrs. Pease
Fairview Veterans Memorial School Computer Teacher
When Logging on:
1) Never give out your password
2) Your ID number shouldn't have any spaces in it.
3) You need to save everything you do in the computer lab.
4) You need to put your name on everything you do in the computer lab.
5) You need to take notes on everything that is explained.

To Save:
1) When saving for the first time, click on "file" then "save."
2) If the screen reminds you to save, click "ok."
3) You need to tell the computer where to save the file. Click on the down arrow next to "my documents" then choose "student on fairview."
4) After doing this, you will see everyone's ID number. To get yours, click next to "file name."
5) Press "Enter" on the keyboard.
6) Now, you should be able to see your ID folder. Type in the name that you want to call your file. Click on "save."
7) When saving changes to a file, click on "save."
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