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St. Laurence Catholic School PE teachers
JUST A NOTE OF CONGRATUALTIONS:  In St Laurence, we have three girls who particpate in authentic Irish Dancing--The Murat girls, Katie and Megan,  and Shiobhan Thompson. This past weeekend they weent to New Orleans to compete...WOW!I know that they all did well...I shall get the particulars and update this this week.  Hopefully, we can have a little "demo" of this beautiful traditional dancing.  Great JOB, Girls!
Jan 22--Welcome back from MLK holiday.  I don't know about you, but it was really nice to have a day off.  I feel ready to come back!
*th grade will continue on their Lacrosse unit.  This week, we will play game that will be co-ed.  I will be going over more of the rules to get ready for a written assignment.  ]

1st/2nd graders will still be dancing!  i am so proud of how they are doing!  We have everyone doing a pretty decent Va. Reel...this week we will work on Pop Goes the Weasel.  We will be doing a show , just for any parents who would like to come in during their 1st/2nd grade child's PE class period on Feb 8th.  It will be more informal this year. 

Jan 14--Did YOU know that there are only 26 days left until the Winter Olympics? Find out more about these super athletic events on the Olympic link below....Get ready to ENJOY?  (Mrs. Donati's favoirte sport is...Cross-Country Skiing!)

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