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    25 silly cups of an unknown liquid have a mass of 8.0 standars.  Each silly cup holds 50 ml.  each standard has a mass of 200 g.  What is the density of the unknown liquid?

D=m/v     m=8.0standars     v=25silly cups
convert to g/ml

(8.0standards)    (200g)    (silly cup)  = 1.3g/ml
(25 silly cups)  (standard)   (50ml)

Warm - Up                   9-22-99

1.  What are the charges on the following elements?
Cl (-)   N (-3)  Al (+3)  Cu(II) (+2)   Ca (+2)   O (-2)    Fe(III) (+3)  Carbon (+/-4)  Neon (0)  Strontium (+2)

2.  Write the formulas of the following compounds:
Carbon monoxide CO           Copper(II) chloride CuCl2
Aluminum Oxide Al2O3         Dinitrogen pentoxide N2P5
Calcium chloride CaCl2       Strontium Nitride Sr3N2

3.  Write the proper names of the following compounds.
Fe2O3 Iron(III)oxide     N2O3 dinitrogen trioxide
CaO calcium oxide    CO2 carbon dioxide    O2 oxygen

4.  Label the compounds from #3 and #2 as binary molecular, binary ionic, diatomic molecule or element.
CO(BM) CuCl2(BI) Al2O3(BI) N2P5(BM) CaCl2(BI) Sr3N2(BI)
Fe2O3(BI) N2O3(BM) CaO(BI) CO2(BM) O2(D)

Warm-up 9-23-99

Saffron is a spice used in Mediterranean cooking.
It's very expensive ($13.06 for a packet containing 0.06 oz of spice).
How much would one pound of saffron cost?

$13.06 * 16oz = $3482.67
0.06oz    1lb


Consider the following statements:
"Osmium (Os) is the one of the heaviest metals known; a 1 cm3
cube of osmium weights 22.50 g. For comparison, the same volume
of lead (Pb) would weigh less than half as much, 11.34 g".

Which of the following would not be a
valid conversion factor based on these statements?

                         1 cm 3 Pb / 11.34 g Pb
                         1 cm 3 Os / 22.50 g Os
                         22.50 g Os / 1 cm3 Os
                       * 11.34 g / 1 cm3
                         11.34 g Pb / 1 mL Pb
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