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The Period of time from 600 to 1350 was a time when Great Empires in East Asia began to develop and grow into world powers. There were many religious and ethical systems that were being formet at the time. A new religion called Buddhism reached China from India and then spread to Korea and Japan. In Japan, Buddhism mixed with tradition beliefs including Shinto. Hind also spread from India to Southeast Asia. The Tang Dynasty built China into the most powerful and advanced empire in the world during the 700s. However in the 1200s, China fell to another empire, Mongolia. For a century, the Mongols controlled most of Eurasia to become the largest unified empire in history. Two very important trends also dominated this period of time. First, Chinese culture spread to the rest of East Asia influencing countries like Korea, Japan and the rest of Southeast Asia. Second, the rise of the Mongols and their great conquests led to interaction between nomadic and settled peoples across all of Asia.
Empires in East Asia

I. Two Great Dynasties in China
A. The Tang Dynasty Expands China
B. The Song Dynasty Restores China
C. An Era of Prosperity and Innovation
D. Changes in Chinese Society

II. The Mongol Conquests
A. Nomads of the Asian Steppe
B. The Rise of the Mongols
C. The Mongol Empire

III. Empire of the Great Khan
A. Kublai Khan Conquers China
B. Mongols Rule in China
C. The End of Mongol Rule
IV. Feudal Powers in Japan
A. The Growth of Japanese Civilization
B. The Japansese Adapt Chinese Ideas
C. Life in the Heian Period

D. Feudalism Erodes Imperial Authority
V. Kingdoms Southeast Asia and Korea
A. Kingdoms of Southeast Asia

B. Korean Dynasties
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Two Great Dynasties in China
Sec I Quiz ( Basic)
Two Great Dynasties in China
Sec I Quiz ( Java)
The Mongol Conquests
Sec II Quiz ( Basic)
The Mongol Conquests
Sec I IQuiz ( Java)
Empire of the Great Khan
Sec III Quiz ( Basic)
Empire of the Great Khan
Sec IIII Quiz ( Java)
Feudal Powers in Japan
Sec 4 Quiz ( Basic)
Feudal Powers in Japan
Sec 4 Quiz (Java)
Kingdoms of Southeast Asia and Korea
Sec 5 Quiz (Basic)
Kingdoms of Southeast Asia and Korea
Sec 5 Quiz (Java)
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