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Middle Ages

I. Germanic Kingdoms Unite Under Charlemagne
         A) Invasions Trigger Changes in Western Europe
         B) Germanic Kingdoms Emerge
         C) Germanic Peoples Adopt Christianity
         D) A European Empire Evolves
         E) Charlemagne Takes Center Stage
II.  Feudalism in Europe
         A) New Invasions Trouble Western Europe
         B) Feudalism Structures Society
         C) Manors: The Economic Side of Feudalism
III. The Age of Chivalry
         A) Warriors on Horseback
         B) Knighthood and Chivalry
         C) The Literature of Chivalry
         D) The Shifting Role of Women
IV. The Church Wields Power
         A) The Scope of Church Authority
         B) The Church and the Holy Roman Empire
         C) Holy Roman Empire Clashes with the Pope
         D) Renewed Church Conflicts Under Frederick I
         E) German States Remain Separate

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