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Chapter 18:  The Muslim World Expands, 1300-1700

I. The Ottomans Build a Vast Empire
    A. Turks Settle in the Christian Byzantine
         1. Osoman establishes a state between 1300-1326
         2. Ottoman Empire is established
    B. Powerful Sultans Spur Dramatic Expansion
         1. Mehmet II Conquers Constantinople
         2. Selim the Grim Takes Islams Holy Cities
    C. Sulieman the Lawgiver
         1. Empire Reaches it's Limits
         2. Highly Structured Social Organization
         3. Cultural Acheivments
    D. The Empire Declines
II. Cultural Blending: Case Study, Safavid Empire
    A. Patterns of Cultural Blending
          1. Causes of Cultral Blending
               a. Migration
               b. Trade
               c. Religious converts
               d. Conquest
         2. Cultural Blending throughout history
    B. The Safavids Build a Shi'i Empire
         1. Isma'il Conquers Persia
         2. Cultural Blending During the Reign of Shah Abbas
         3. Dynasty Declines Quickly
III. The Mughals Establish and Empire in India
    A. Early History of the Mughal Empire
         1. Ongoing Conflicts
         2. Babur Founds an Empire
    B.  The Golden Age of Akbar
         1. A Liberal Ruler
         2. A Military Conqueror
         3. A Flowering of Culture
         4. Literature and Architecture
    C. Akbar's Successors
        1. Jahangir and Nur Jahan
        2. Shah Jahan
        3. The People Suffer
        4. Aurangzeb
    D. The Empire's Decline and Decay
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