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Absolute Monarchs In Europe


    Spain's Empire and European Absolutism
  • Spain's Powerful Empire
  • Problems Weaken the Spanish Empire
  • The Independent Dutch Prosper
  • Absolutism in Europe


    France's Ultimate Monarch

  • Religious Wars Create a Crisis
  • Louis XIV Rules Absolutely
  • Louis's Grand Style
  • Louis Fights Disasterous Wars


    Central European Monarchs Clash

  • The Thirty Years' War
  • Central Europe Differs fromthe West
  • Prussia and Austria Clash


    Russian Czars Increase Power

  • From Ivan to the Romanovs
  • Peter the Great Takes the Throne
  • Peter Rules Absolutely


    Parliament Limits the English Monarchy

  • Monarchs Clash With Parliament
  • English Civil War
  • Restoration and Revolution
  • Political Changes
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