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People and Ideas on the Move

I. Indo-Euroupean Migrations
        A. Indo-Euruopeans Migrate
           1.The Indo-European Language Family
           2.An Unexplained Migration
        B. Hittites Blend Empire and Technology
           1.Hittites Adopt And Adapt
           2.Chariots And Iron Bring Victory
        C. Aryan Invaders Transform India
           1. A Caste System Developes
           2.Aryan Kingdoms Arise
II. Roots of Hinduism and Buddhism
        A. Hinduism Devolpes over centries
           1.Origins And Beliefs
           2.Hinduism Changes And Developes
           3.Hinduism And Society
           4.New Religions Arise
        B. The Buda Seeks Enlightment
           1.Siddhartha's Quest
           2.Origins And Beliefs
           3.The Religious Community
           4.Buddhism And Society
           5.Buddhism In India
           6.Trade And The Spread of Buddhism
III. Seafaring Traders Extend Boundaries
        A. Minoans Trade far and Wide
           1.Unearthing A Brillant Civilization
           2.Minoan Culture's Mysterious End
        B. Phoenicians Spread Trade and Civilization
           1.Commercial Outposts Around the Mediterranean
           2.Phoenicia's Great Legacy: The Alphabet
        C. The Long Reach of Ancient Trade
IV. The Orgins of Judaism
        A. The search for A Promise Land
           1.From Ur to Egypt
           2.The God Of Abraham
           3."Let My People Go"
           4.A New Covenant
           5.The Land And People Of The Bible
           6.The Hebrews Are Ruled By Judges
           7.Hebrew Law
        B. The Kingdom of Israel
           1.Saul And David Establish A Kingdom
           2.Solomon Builds the Kingdom
           3.The Kingdom Divides
        C. The Babylonian Captivity
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