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Welcome to the Chapter 5

This page focuses on Classical Greece (2000 BC - 300 BC). During this time Egyptian, Persian, and Chinese rulers had claimed their earthly power as a divine right. In the Greek city-state of Athens, a new form of government was developing- democracy. As well, the Minoans of Crete had introduced Egyptian and Southwest-Asian cultural ideas to Greek-speaking peoples. In turn, the
conqueror Alexander the Great spread Greek culture
throughout much of Asia. Greek and Asian cultures then blended to create Hellenistic culture.

Outline of Chapter:

I. Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea
A. Geograpahy Shapes Greek Life
1. The Sea
2. The Land
3. The Climate
B. Mycenaean Civilization Develops
1. Culture and Trade
2. The Trojan War
C. Greek Culture Declines Under the Dorians
1. Epics of Homer
2. Greeks Create Myths

II. Warring City-States
A. Rule and Order in Greek City-States
1. Greek Political Structures
2. A New Kind of Army Emerges
3. Tyrants Seize Power
B. Sparta Builds a Military State
1. Sparta Dominates Messenians
2. Sparta's Government and Society
3. Spartan Education
C. Athens Builds a Limited Democracy
1. Political Developments in Athens
2. Solon's Political and Economic Reforms
3. Reforms of Cleisthenes
D. The Persian Wars
1. Battle at Marathon
2. Thermopylae
3. Consequences of the Persian Wars

III. Democracy and Greece's Golden Age
A. Pericles' Three Goals for Athens
1. Stronger Democracy
2. Athenian Empire
3. Glorifying Athens
B. Greek Styles in Art- Greek Sculpture
C. Greek Drama
1. Tragedy
2. Comedy
D. Spartans and Athenians Go to War
1. Peloponnesian War
2. Sparta Gains the Edge
3. War Brings Political Changes
E. Philosophers Search for Truth
1. Socrates
2. Plato
3. Aristotle

IV. Alexander-Empire Builder
A. Philip Builds Macedonia's Power
1. Philip's Army
2. Conquest of Greece
B. Alexander Defeats Persia
1. Invasion of Persia
2. Alexander's Ambitions Grow
3. Conquering the Persian Empire
C. Alexander's Other Conquests
1. Alexander in India
2 Alexander's Legacy

V. The Spread of Hellenistic Culture
A. Hellenistic Culture in Alexandria
1. Trade and Cultural Diversity
2. Alexandria's Greatest Attractions
B. Science and Technology
1. Astronomy
2. Mathematics and Physics
C. Philosophy and Art
1. Stoicism and Epicureanism
2. Realism in Sculpture
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