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Mustang Creek Elementary First Grade

Happy New Year!
The first semester is finally over and we are now First Graders who are almost Second Graders, can you believe it?
We have alot to accomplish this semester and there is so little time.
During January, we will be studying polar bears, penguins, and eskimos.  We will also be learning how to dictate sentences, which is a big step towards second grade.  Please work with your child everyday on spelling words and make up your own sentences to dictate to them for practice.  Be aware of punctuation and capitalization in the sentences they are writing. My sentences will only be 3-6 words long, usually.  Here is a list of words I may use in my sentences along with that weeks spelling words: and, the, is, are, was, she, he, the, it, do, did, has, can, will, see
Please continue reading daily with your child.  By now they should be reading practice readers to you with no or little help from you.
Remember our main goal in first grade is to be fluent and phonetic readers.

Unit 9
stop     on     mom
got     box     hop
fox     lot     drop
day     into    than
can't   your    chop


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