peermediationclub Mrs. D.
Seton Catholic High School counseling dept.
 Welcome !   Teen Mentors of SCHS

You are embarking on a road of skills that will enhance  self-awareness and mentorship for fellow teens on campus!

We will meet as a club on campus once a week for 45 minutes.

This group will be one of FUN and self-discovery !

We will be a group of confidentiality and introspection.

You will learn about yourselves and your peers and family units.

You will become more confident in knowing yourself and seeing others in a new and positive light.

New relationships will blossom in your lives & old relationships will become fresh and positive again.

Your newly learned skills will help you to reach out and help other SCHS students on campus !!!

Come to our first meeting to be announced soon & check us out !

See you there !

Mrs. D.
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