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Konnichiwa everyone!

Welcome to our exciting Pegs Japanese home page!  On this page, there are some links below to games and activities that you can access at home!  The stories we wrote using the kanji characters we have learned can also be accessed by clicking on the address below entitled, "pegsstories."

If you have any questions or comments, please send me an e-mail message by clicking on the e-mail link in the upper right hand corner of this screen.

Japanese words we know:

Konnichiwa = Hello              Jya ne! = See you!
Genki desu ka = How are you?    Kakko ii! = Cool! 
Genki desu. = Fine.             Kakko warui = Not cool!
Ma ma desu. = So-so.

Hai, doozo = Here you are.
Doomo = Thanks!                 Ii desu ka? = Ready?
Iie = No problem.               Ii desu yo! = Ready!

"Baseball" ga suki? =  Do you like "baseball?"
Hai, suki! = Yes, I like it!    
Chotto... = (a polite "no") It's a little....

                  KANJI characters we know

                  1.  fire = hi
                  2.  mountain = yama
                  3.  dog = inu
                  4.  water = mizu
                  5.  tree = ki

       Can you remember how to write the characters
               and the stroke orders?


              (Paper, Scissors, Rock Game)

         1.  Junken Poi!  (Ok! Junken!)
         2.  Katta!       (I won!)
         3.  Aiko Desho!  (It seems there is one more!)

         4.  Atte, muite, hoi! 
             (Look/point up, down, left or right!)  

                     Numbers we know!

         1 = ichi                11 = juuichi
         2 = ni                  12 = juuni
         3 = san                 13 = juusan
         4 = yon/shi             14 = juuyon
         5 = go                  15 = juugo
         6 = roku                16 = juuroku
         7 = shichi/nana         17 = juushichi/juunana
         8 = hachi               18 = juuhachi
         9 = kyuu                19 = juukyuu
        10 = juu                 20 = nijuu

   I'll bet that you guys can count even higher than 20!
   To practice 1-20 there is a game below that you can
   play.  You must put the numbers in order!  Look at the
   activities section at the bottom of this page.  Gambatte!
   Good luck! 

Do you remember Doraemon?  Doraemon was the blue doll OKoonaa Sensei brought to class.  Look at the bottom of our web page and you can find exciting links to Doraemon web sites!  There is a Doraemon Tetris game too!

Do you remember how to write your name in Japanese Katakana characters?  Find your name below and type it into the program (the Katakana writing link at the bottom of our page).

Our names:

Wa ru ta (Walter)             O su chi n (Austin)
I a n (Ian)                   Ke i te i (Katy)
Ko ri i n (Corinne)           Wa ru ka (Walker)
Ma ru ta (Marta)              Ro o ra (Laura)
E ri o tsu (Elliot)           Ra i ya n (Ryan)
Pa to ri ku (Patrick)         Mi sha (Misha)
Ra ji i bu (Rajiv)            A do ri (Audrey)
E ba n (Evan)                 Ke bi n (Kevin)
A n do ryu (Andrew)           Jyo na san (Jonathan)
Su pe n sa (Spencer)          Jya shu (Josh)
Jya ku (Jack)

Some of these names are difficult to look up because of the combinations of sounds and the characters necessary to make those sounds.  It may be difficult to look these up here.  Please ask OKoonaa Sensei if you have forgotten how to write your name. 

If I do not have someone's name here, please tell Ookoonaa sensei and she will include it as soon as possible!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Numbers from 1 - 20
Try to put these numbers into the correct order
Useful links
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