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  Stories made using the kanji characters we know
Konnichiwa!  Genki desu ka.

In class we wrote stories using the kanji characters that we had learned.  The stories that were given to me were so great!  Subarashii = great!  If stories are still being written, give them to me whenever they are finished and I will post them here.  I have included those that were given to me here so that you can enjoy them as I did! The kanji characters and Japanese phrases that we learned are in capital letters.  Enjoy!

Waruta (Walter):  An INU sits under a KI on a YAMA while
                  drinking MIZU!  

Osuchin (Austin) & Keetei (Katie):  When the elements were
     formed, they got together well.  But then they started
     fighting!  ICHI battle turned into YON and GO
     battles!  The results were:  MIZU won three battles,
     KI won only one, HI won only one also, and YAMA and
     INU did not win any!

Oodori (Audrey):  Once upon a time there was a mother eagle.
     Its best friend was an INU.  One day, the INU went
     down to the MIZU hole...

Andoryu (Andrew):  ICHI day on a YAMA there was a HI in NI
     KI.  An INU was burned.  MIZU flowed through it and
     put it out.  The fire became KAKKOO II and saved the

Eriotsu (Elliot):  ICHI day, there was a peaceful YAMA with
     GO KIs.  Suddenly, the YAMA exploded!  It was an
     active volcano!  The KIs caught HI.  An INU was sent
     sky high!  Then, MIZU fell from the sky, dousing the
     HI before it burned a small village.  The fire is now

Patorikku (Patrick) and Warutaa (Walter): 
     1.  ICHI INU tries to get out of China, but has to  
     cross a KI on HI, a YAMA and a river full of MIZU!  
     2.  ICHI INU sits under a KI on a YAMA, carefully
     avoiding a forest HI down below while drinking MIZU.

Jyashu (Josh):  I have an INU. 
                Use KIs to make HI to put out with MIZU.
Mishya (Misha): 
     In the beginning of time there was a noble dragon.  He was the only creature in the galaxy.  Each day the dragon would become wiser.  He would travel to the edge of time, the place known as the End of Beyond.
     Every time he traveled there he would meditate, releasing his troubles and thoughts into ICHI star that was there.  ICHI day, he released his thoughts and the star gave out a great flash of light, sending out a beam of light that hit the dragon in the heart.
     The dragon's heart was split, causing NI separate entities: the wise half of the dragon and the evil half of the dragon.  They began to fight each other near the End of Beyond.  Neither were gaining any ground.
     They fought for a long time.  Neither had much strength left so they decided to end the battle once and for all.  They flew at each other and swung their claws once.  Both swings hit home.
     Both dragons shattered like glass and the enormous amounts of energy each held were released into the End of Beyond.  The anomaly could not hold the energy and imploded, causing a huge flash of light and a giant explosion.
     Thus, the planets were formed and the five elements of wisdom, MIZU, KI, YAMA, INU and HI were descended upon the planet Earth.
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