penderydiscipline Ms. Pendery
Richardson North Junior High Pre-Algebra teacher
Discipline Plan


1. Students will come to class prepared and be ready to work
when the tardy bell rings.
         Materials needed every day include:
    lined notebook paper (wide ruled)
    spiral for notes
    NJH planner
    your covered textbook

2. Students will raise their hand and wait to be recognized
before talking or leaving their seats.

3. Students will treat classmates, teacher, and property
with respect.

4. Students will follow all directions the first time they are given.

5. Students will follow all school rules as in the Student
Handbook. (This includes the NO GUM rule)

If a student chooses to break one of these rules, he or she
will be corrected and a code will be given.  Each code will
result in a loss of citizenship points.

1st 2nd, and 3rd codes per six weeks: warning
4th code: citizenship grade drops to a B; note to parent to be signed and returned
5th and 6th code: detention in my room before or after school; no lunch detentions
7th code: citizenship grade drops to a C; teacher and student call parent during class
8th code: three teacher detentions
9th code: citizenship drops to a D; teacher, parent, and counselor conference
10th + code: citizenship drops to an F; referred to office for disciplinary action
NO codes in a six weeks: small treat or raffle entry into prize drawing
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