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Seneca Valley Middle School  
Hi, and welcome to Seneca Valley Middle School's Performing Arts class with Mrs. Bonavoglia (Mrs. B for short).  We are going on a storytelling adventure.  Care to join us?  Here is what's included:

- a game on our classroom video, "African Story Magi c"
- a quiz on the terminology we'll be using throughout our unit
- a couple of great websites for hunting down interesting folktales
and as an added bonus
      (for those of you who want to be one step ahead)
- a few preview activites for our coming attraction - POETRY

So, grab hold of your mouse and let's get started!
My Quia activities and quizzes
"African Story Magic" Challange
If you have seen the video and paid attention during class discussions then play on!
Universal Themes Quiz
Grab your notes and get started.
Useful links
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